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Fragment/ Small Molecule Screening 

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NMR screening methods of fragments/small molecules allow for concurrent hit identification, binding confirmation, binding site location and binding affinity determination. Additionally, automated screening processes allow for accurate and rapid data collection and analysis.

  • Our modern methods and cutting edge technology allow for the lowest sample concentrations and fastest turnaround times in the industry.

  • The advantage is a faster turnaround time at an economical cost that we pass on to our partners.

  • Ligand-observe methods (STD/waterLOGSY/CPMG)

  • Target observe methods (2D HSQC/HMQC)

  • Competition assays

  • Binding constant determination (Kd)

  • Screening of external libraries

  • Library Smart pooling capabilities

  • Pre-screen Library QC 

  • Pre-screen Target QC and stability analysis

Interested in Fragment/Small Molecule Screening Services?

CRAFT: NMR Data Extraction
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