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Protein Targeted Therapeutics

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By using cutting edge NMR experiments 

coupled with modern high field NMR 

spectrometers equipped with cryogenically cooled probes, we work with our partners by utilizing our proprietary technology to rapidly and efficiently deconvolute complex chemical and biological interactions that are often bottlenecks for research.

Interested in Protein Targeted Therapeutics Services?

NMR experiments can be tailored to specific biomolecules in order to elucidate ligand- target interactions under physiological and biologically relevant conditions. These methods can be leveraged to identify ligand binding sites as well as to monitor macromolecular dynamics as a function of ligand binding.

Maratech's Protein Targeted Therapeutics capabilities include:

  • Target conformational/structural analysis

  • Ligand binding site identification

  • Complete NMR-based 3D structure analysis

  • Kinetics and dynamics studies

  • Structure Activity Relationships

  • Dissociation constant (Kd) determination

Protein Structure
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