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Targeted Therapeutics

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AB42 Molecule

Industry leaders in RNA targeted therapeutics using NMR methods

​NMR is an indispensible tool in the pursuit to drug novel RNA/DNA targets. NMR methods can be used to determine the solution state structures, identify ligand binding sites, determine the kinetics and affinities of ligand-RNA/DNA complexes.

  • Our laboratories and instruments are geared toward RNA/DNA targets taking into account all necessary practices and methods to ensure accurate and timely results  

  • All RNA work is conducted in RNase free environments  

  • Our experienced teams are experienced in construct design, ligand binding and solution structure determination of novel RNA and DNA targets


  • NMR-based methods provide a range of capabilities for capturing very weak interactions under physiological conditions​

  • The identification of binding site(s) may reveal mechanistic details of ligand binding that can aid in the design of small molecule drugs for RNA targets

  • Experts in secondary structural determination of RNA/DNA 

Interested in RNA and DNA Therapeutics Services?

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