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Ligand Binding Studies

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Ligand Binding Analysis

Our ligand binding capabilities include small molecule, protein, nucleic acid, peptide and protein-protein interactions.


• Ligand-observe methods (1D e.g. STD/ waterLOGSY/ CPMG)

  • These type of experiments focus on the ligand's spectral properties and have no target size limitations

  • Usually involve single- dimension experiments that are fast, sensitive and require relatively small amounts of both target and compound

  • Provide a yes or no answer to ligand binding, but can also provide information on the ligand-target interaction

• Target observe methods (2D eg. HSQC/HMQC)​​

  • These type of experiments focus on the targets spectral properties and do have size limitations

  • The target in question usually requires 15N-(selective or uniform) labeling

  • The results can provide ligand binding site identification and target conformational change that result upon ligand binding

  • 2D NMR methods are required

• Binding constant determination (Kd)

  • By using various 1D and 2D methods, the solution based ligand Kd can be determined

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