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Metabolite Structural ID

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Metabolite Structure Spectra

Rapid identification and deconvolution of small molecules/metabolites is achieved by using cutting edge and proprietary amplitude deconvolution technology. These methods allow for the structural identification of low concentration metabolites and other small molecules associated with drug research.


  • All Metabolite ID NMR experiments are conducted on 800 MHz NMR spectrometers coupled with a HCN or HCNF cryoprobes, which translates to shorter acquisition times and lower samples concentration requirements with no compromise on resulting data quality.


  • Maratech NMR Solutions will conduct all necessary NMR experiments to elucidate key structural elements of both the parent compound and metabolite including:1D 1H, 1D/2D NOESY, 1D 19F, 2D 1H COSY, 1D/2D TOCSY, 2D 1H-13C HSQC, 1D/2D ROESY, 2D 1H-13C HMBC, HSQCADTOXY

  • Comparison between the spectra of the parent compound and the metabolite can be conducted in order unequivocally identify the structure of the Metabolite.

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