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High Field NMR Systems + CryoPorbes

Interested in High Field NMR Systems Services?

Cryogenically cooled probes reduce the electronic noise associated with NMR signal detection. This equates to a 3 to 4 fold increase in sensitivity, depending on your solvent, and approximatly a 16x savings in the time it takes to complete an NMR experiment

This translates to a substantially lower target protein and ligand concentration requirement. In addition, the trunaround time for your average sample is minutes to hours rather than days to weeks.  The advantage is a high quality, but faster result at a lower cost to our partners.

• NMR Instrumentation: 500, 700 and two 800 MHz spectrometers with cryogenically cooled probes with H, C, N, and F capability.

4x more sensitive = 16x savings in time

Lower cost to our clients due to less materials and time needed to complete experiments

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