Solution NMR Services

Industry Leaders In Nucleic Acid/Protein NMR,

Ligand Binding Identification and Metabolite Structural 


Maratech NMR Solutions is a life sciences partner that specializes in state of the art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. We offer a wide range of services including both experimental and consulting support. Our scientists have over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry advancing drug discovery research through the use of NMR.


Our Services

RNA Targeted  Therapeutics

Industry leaders in RNA targeted small molecule therapeutics, including construct design, ligand binding and solution structure determination

Protein Targeted Therapeutics

We Utilize 1D, 2D, and 3D solution based NMR experiments to elucidate the structure or structural elements

of your target protein

Ligand Binding Studies

Industry leaders in implementing binding 

experiments using both ligand and 

target based NMR approaches

Metabolite Structural ID

By using 800 MHz NMR system with cryprobes, we are able to determine the elucidate the structures of nanogram quantities of metabolites 

in solution

Fragment/ Small Molecule Screening 

Highly experienced in designing and implementing fragment screens using solution NMR based methods

High Field NMR Systems + CryPorbes

We utilize, 800, 600 and 500 MHz NMR systems with cryogenically cooled probes to conduct all experiments allowing for a substantially faster data turnaround time